Any class with less than THREE participants, we reserve the right to cancel the class. While we have good intentions for every class, we cannot guarantee that a class will be taught as scheduled. We encourage you to BRING A FRIEND!
We have a 2 Hour Cancellation policy. If you do not attend a class that you are signed in for, or you are a late cancel (less than 2 hours before the class is scheduled), you will lose that class off your membership. If you have a monthly membership, you will lose a day. CALL or CANCEL your class online. NO SHOWS are unacceptable!!
Register for all classes! If you do not register for a class, and we exceed our capacity, you will either be denied entrance, or asked to leave without prejudice. This is a safety and consideration policy. Our scheduling system is fully capable of handling your reservation, or wait list request. We love having our members here and want to keep them all safe and sound.