Q: I am currently out of shape, but would like to try spinning. Will I be able to handle it?
A: Yes! You are in control of the bike the whole time. We encourage new riders to just have fun and go at their own pace. Eventually, you will build up your cardiac endurance.
Q: Do I have to sign in ahead of time for a class?
Q: How do I sign in for a class?
Q: I don't have my own yoga mat, is there one there I can use?
Q: I've never been there, is there a free trial for my first class?
Q: How much is an introductory spin class?
Q: Do you offer private classes or personal training?
Q: Do you offer any kids classes?
Q: Can I still take a prenatal yoga class if I am pregnant and have never taken a yoga class before?
Q: Do you have parking?
Q: Do you have showers?
Q: Do you accept credit cards?